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Factors for evaluating the Web as a marketing tool in Greek sport

Sports Academy/ June 4, 2018/ archive

INTRODUCTION Information and communication technologies (ICT) is a domain undergoing an accelerated transformation and evolution since the time the personal computer became a key business accessory during the early 1980s. The ICT evolution and the increasing penetration of internet technology in all areas of human activity, combined with significant developments in the socio-economic, political and demographic landscape have been continuously

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Effects Of Various Warm Up Protocols On Endurance And Blood Lactate Concentration

Sports Academy/ July 8, 2014/ archive

Introduction Musculotendinous injuries are shown to be responsible for a significant proportion of injuries incurred by athletes. The injuries have a high incidence of recurrence. In addition, warm up is considered to be important in preventing muscle injuries by increasing the elasticity of muscles and smoothing muscle contraction [21]. Stretching exercises help to relieve stress as they get the blood

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Scientific And Practical Approach To Physical Conditioning Of Athletes

Sports Academy/ October 12, 2013/ archive

Introduction Terms and Meanings of Physical Conditioning of Athletes The division of sport preparation goals determined the formation of special aspect of preparation, focused on the development and maintenance of physical characteristics of athletes. Most common term for this aspect of sport preparation is physical conditioning. The word condition comes from the Latin word conditio = settlement, prerequisite. Foreign words dictionary

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Drinks with alkaline negative oxidative reduction potential improve exercise performance in physically active men and women

Sports Academy/ February 2, 2010/ archive

Double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled, cross-over trial of efficacy and safety INTRODUCTION The use of performance-enhancing aids has been documented since ancient times and such practices are not reserved for elite or Olympian-level athletes [15]. Since many athletes are looking for ergogenic aids that do not have side effects and cannot be detected during drug testing, nutritional ergogenic aids, including carbohydrates, bicarbonates

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